To make a lighting project engineers must select lights and arrange their positions and directions, this is so-called lighting design. There are so many variables during lighting design and thus make it an experienced work, especially when engineers want to use LED lights for the projects. This is because LED lights are very flexible in power, flux and light pattern.

To make lighting project best lighting design is necessary before starting a project. Lighting design use simulation tool to do calculation. In the work, engineer inputs spacial distribution and other parameters of lights, arranges the light positions and directions, then use simulation tools to calculate and output the lighting parameters, for example illuminance, luminance, uniformity, glare index and so on.

Dialux is widely used simulation tools in the world. It uses IES file to describe light’s data.  It allows simulating light settings both indoors and outdoors, it professionally calculates and checks all lighting parameters for interiors and exteriors, roads and tunnels, providing clear and accurate results according to the latest interior décor regulations. 

    At this moment, we have more than 200 IES files for our lights, this makes your design very flexible and thus extremely experienced work. Therefore, our engineers can do lighting design for our cooperators to help you finish best project, this is free. To do the work, we would like to ask you send us some basic data of your projects. To download the form for more detail. 

  For street lighting, industrial lighting, tunnel lighting, garden/Square lighting, parking lighting and plant grow lighting, sometime it is to replace existing lighting, sometime it is new project.

For replacing existing lights, you may use our LED lights in less than half power. This means 50% energy saving, and thus investment on LED lights will get return in 2~3 years, or one year if the lights use 24 hours daily. 

Lighting design

Lighting design and light selection guide

       Street lighting                                     Industrial lighting                                     Tunnel lighting

Garden/Square lighting                           Parking Lighting                                           Grow lighting