Parking lighting makes lights for parking area. Generally there are indoor parking area and outdoor parking area. For outdoor parking lighting, it is similar to street lighting. The lighting design is thus similar to street lighting, except that the light pattern used is always 60°X60° or Lambertian. More information please refer to section “street lighting”.
For indoor parking lighting, the lighting design is similar to industrial lighting design in some level. Currently fluorescent lamp and LED tubes are often used. Our parking lights 2880 series are excellent for replacing them. It is roughly 50% energy saving compared to fluorescent lamp, and it is a complete light with good safety while LED tube has big risk due to it replaces old fluorescent tube only.
Parking lighting is related to data of the area of the lighting project, as its length, width, height of space or light, distance of lights, and so on. If you are skilled in lighting design, then please contact us for IES files, we can send you all IES files, then you please make lighting design yourself. Otherwise, please send me the basic data, we will make lighting design for you and return you professional lighting design reports.
In our products, 2880 series is especially designed for the purpose. It is in modular design, and light pattern is lambertian.
To get higher energy-saving, motion sensor or photo sensor are equipped optionally. Parking light 2880 series can be ceiling mounting or by suspension cable. 

All our lights can equip our LED control system, as Zigbee, PLC, DALI and dynamic timer. By the control systems, you may dim the intensity of light and monitor light's status.


Series name






Power available(W)

36W, 72W

Light name


Light pattern


Installation style

ceiling mounting

Optional controller      

Zigbee, PLC, DALI, DCF77 dynamic dimmer for dimming and/or monitoring. And all can connect to photo sensor and motion sensor.

Parking lighting