LED lights control systems

include Zigbee control system, PLC control system, DALI control system and dynamic dimmer. The first three control systems can dim and monitor LED lights. Of them Zigbee system is wireless and for controlling big amount of lights, PLC system is “wireless” and used for tens of lights in a local area, DALI system is designed to match existing DALI fluorescent control system which is used widely in EU. The dynamic dimmer is simply designed to dim lights according to programmed sequence synchronized with DCF77 timing.

LED lights

are assembled by our LED modules, Meanwell drivers and housing designed by ourselves. They include LED street lights, industrial lights, tunnel lights, garden/Square lights, parking lights and grow lights. All the lights are in modular design with patents. This unique structure makes the luminaire flexible, easy maintenance in fields and upgradable in future. 

LED modules

so-called light Engines by Zhaga, the well-known alliance for international regulation of LED lights, are our basic products.  The LED modules are based on our IPs, and have built-in optics designed for different lighting application and built-in heat sink, and are designed in IP67. We also sell LED modules to our cooperators who assemble their lights based on the modules.